Board of advisors

Mike P Adams

Mr. Adams’s long history from VC and corporate financing together with blockchain knowledge will add the needed tokenisation and
security knowledge into The Oak. As a whisky and rum enthusiast, Mr. Adams will also bring his own input into the purchase process.

Ollipekka Vahvaselkä

Mr. Vahvaselkä has 25 years of experience in financial markets. He has been active in trading currencies, currency options, government bonds, credit bonds and interest rate derivatives. For eight years he was responsible for structure investment products in a leading financial company in Finland. For the last four years he has been a portfolio manager focusing in unlisted equities and fixed income. Together with wide experience from rare whiskies added into fund management knowledge Mr.Vahvaselkä will add needed experience into The Oak.

Sandro Salvatore Riccio

With a long history of setting up and managing international franchising concepts, Mr. Riccio will be responsible for the global expansion of the Oak Library whisky lounge concept which is planned to be launched in 2020.

Timo Airaksinen

Being a partner in a company specialised in corporate messaging and graphical design Mr. Airaksinen will add the needed experience for the brand and for future operations. His experience as a bartender, and a beer and whisky enthusiast will add knowledge of the current and future trends into the team.

Maksim Erikson

With a long history from the HoReCa field combined with a strong Eastern European experience Mr. Erikson will play a key role for The Oak’s global expansion especially on the East European and Asian fronts.

Christian Moore

With over 15 years of experience in media and technology related operations including broadcast channel ownership and film production, Mr. Moore adds extensive media and publicity skills to the team. Given his vast experience in early-stage investments and family office operations in Monaco, Mr. Moore will ensure the world hears about The Oak.

Michael Guffanti

Mr. Guffanti adds over 30 years of financial and legal experience to The Oak. With a long history as an executive director of private wealth management at UBS Bank Monaco, Mr. Guffanti will also add the needed fund management skills to the group. Mr. Guffanti was in charge of managing and investing over $1.5 billion for private persons.


Purchase team

Mahesh P. Ramnani

Having over 20 years of experience from trading old and rare whiskies, Mr. Ramnani will bring huge purchase experience into the team. Mr. Ramnani is a founder and manager for two whisky and cigar lounges in the Baltics. Since 1999 he has been running a company specialised in selling cigars and whiskies in domestic and duty-free markets. Together with other team members and external partners, Mr. Ramnani will take care of the purchases and inventory circulation optimisation and value maximisation.

Joe Boxall

With over 17 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Joe has managed large beverage operations in Northampton and London. Most recently heading up thebar operations of Boisdale Ltd, a group of whisky bars located in London. During the 4 years he worked for Boisdale he won a number of awards – most notably Imbibe’s Whisky List of the Year 2018. Furthermore Joe has been a spirits judge for whisky with the Spirits Business and written a number of articles for Boisdale Life Magazine about the liquid gold. With an avid interest Scotch, it’s history and production Joe joins The Oak with a wealth of knowledge and a number of key contacts in the industry.